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19 May 2022


H.E. Dr. Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, participated recently in the activities of the ceremony announcing the official date of the establishment of the Egyptian Fashion Week.

At the beginning of her speech, Dr. Hala El-Said expressed her happiness in sponsoring the activities of the Egyptian Fashion Week, which will be held in its first edition in November 2022 in Cairo.

El-Said pointed to the repercussions of the crisis of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic on the global economy, and the optimism the world witnessed about the possibility of recovery during the last period, followed by the new repercussions of the geopolitical crisis and the political turmoil that the world is witnessing recently.

El-Said highlighted the set of proactive steps taken by the Egyptian government to guard against the lack of international supplies of basic commodities, contain inflation, and provide food security and social protection.

 These are the steps that made the initial indicators in the third quarter of this year 21/2022 point to achieving a growth rate of 6%.

El-Said added that to complete this process, the Egyptian state when developing a sustainable development plan for the fiscal year 2022/2023, was keen to take into account the consequences of global developments and developments, as the most prominent directions adopted by the plan were to adopt an export-oriented strategy by exploiting the potential and export opportunities in the promising fields of agriculture and industry.

El-Said pointed to updating the "Egypt Vision 2030" to reflect the latest changes in the international and regional arenas, including economic, environmental, and other challenges, in addition to developing mechanisms to enhance the state's ability to achieve green recovery from the effects of the Corona pandemic.

El-Said explained that the policies aimed at supporting inclusive and sustainable economic growth came at the heart of the structural reforms program, which represents the second phase of the economic and social reform program launched by the state in 2016, in addition to the state’s contribution to supporting projects that contribute to the accelerating production.

El-Said concluded her speech by emphasizing the determination of the Egyptian state to make all efforts to complete the economic reform process and build the foundations of the comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development process.