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25 May 2022


In its report, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development reviewed Egypt's performance in the "Sustainable Development Goals Index for the Arab Region for 2022" report, in its second edition, which provides data on the performance of 22 Arab countries towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Dr. Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, stressed that Egypt is keen to achieve sustainable development goals and takes all efforts that contribute to achieving this.

She also referred to Egypt's efforts to maintain its advanced position among the Arab countries and North Africa.

Concerning Egypt's performance in the index of sustainable development goals and Egypt's position at the level of the Arab region, El-Said indicated that the total score that Egypt obtained reached 63.6 points.

 This indicates the improvement of Egypt's performance in achieving the sustainable development goals, cutting nearly two-thirds of the way towards achieving the UN goals.

On her part, Dr. Mona Essam, Director of the Sustainable Development Unit at the Ministry, explained that the report issued by the Ministry of Planning and which was prepared by the unit's work team comes within the framework of keenness to follow up and monitor international reports as well as analyze them and come up with the required recommendations.

The report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development reviewed the average performance of Egypt in achieving the sustainable development goals, pointing to the goals that Egypt came close to achieving, achieving an average performance of more than 90%, which was represented, according to the report, in the thirteenth goal related to climate action.

The report also touched on the goals with which Egypt achieved a good average performance of close to 80%, which included the first goal of eradicating poverty.

The report also touched on the seventh goal, which is clean and affordable energy, in addition to the twelfth goal, which is represented in responsible consumption and production, as well as the sixteenth goal, which is peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Concerning the direction of achieving the sustainable development goals, the report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated that Egypt is on its way to achieving the fourth goal, "quality education", with moderate increases in the performance of the third goal, "good health and well-being."
The report also touched on the sixth and seventh goals related to “clean water and sanitation,” “clean and affordable energy,” as well as the eighth goal, “decent work and economic growth,” in addition to the fifteenth goal, “life on land,” and the sixteenth, related to “peace, justice, and institutions.” strong".

The report presented a comparison between Egypt's performance in the trends of achieving the UN goals between the report of the follow-up to the sustainable development goals index for 2019 and the report of the current year 2022.
 The report of the Ministry of Planning indicated that Egypt witnessed an improvement in the performance of three UN goals, including the fourth goal, "Quality Education".
This is a result of the improvement in the indicators of "net primary school enrollment rate" and "secondary completion rate", and the sixteenth goal of "peace, justice, and strong institutions" because it maintains the achievement rate of the "proportion of the population who feel safe when walking alone at night in the city or region in which they live" out" and the improvement of the "property rights" index.
The report went on to review the three UN goals, in which Egypt witnessed an improvement in its performance, referring to the twelfth goal, "responsible consumption and production", as a result of the availability of data in the 2022 report, as no data were available for indicators of goal measurement in the 2019 report.

The report clarified the progress that Egypt is making in facing climate change by relying on the results of the seventh UN goal "clean and affordable energy" and the thirteenth UN goal "climate action".
 Egypt is taking important steps to confront climate change, as it has established some mega projects in the field of renewable energy, such as the Benban Solar Park project with a capacity of 1.8 gigawatts.
The report also revealed that renewable energy accounted for 9% of electricity generation in Egypt during 2020.

The report pointed out that Egypt will host the twenty-seventh session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Sharm el-Sheikh next November, which confirms Egypt's efforts to confront this challenge that threatens the whole world.

It is worth noting that the objective of the indicator for following up on the sustainable development goals in the Arab region is to provide a practical, data-based tool for governments, policymakers, and other stakeholders to measure progress in achieving the sustainable development goals and highlight implementation challenges and data gaps.