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17 May 2022


H.E. Dr. Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, said that the plan for the year 22/2023 aims to complete 243 projects in the housing sector, especially the provision of drinking water and sanitation, with an appropriation of EGP 2.28 billion, in addition to replacing, renovating and raising the efficiency of drinking water and sewage networks and plants.
 The plan also seeks to meet the urgent needs of the sewage system, as well as urban development projects.
These statements came during a discussion of the 2023/22 plan today before the Parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee, headed by Dr. Fakhri El-Feki, Chairman of the Committee, and in the presence of the committee’s deputy, Dr. Yasser Omar, Representative Mustafa Salem, and the Secretary of the Committee, Representative Abdel Moneim Al-Imam.
El-Said clarified the transport sector’s initiatives in the 22/2023 plan, which includes 43 projects related to national and strategic roads with funds of EGP 16.78 billion, in addition to the reduction of 12 overpasses, and the completion of 5 bridges.
 The plan also aims to implement 10 axes on the Nile, with appropriations of 3.44 billion pounds.
Regarding indicators for measuring the efficiency of public investment in the transport sector, El-Said indicated that the lengths of the main road network increased by 112% between 2013-2020, in addition to the development of the status of the number of licensed vehicles per kilometer, which improved by 27%, as well as an annual decrease of 10% in the number of vehicles. Road accidents.
El-Said discussed the most important initiatives and projects of the economic bodies at the Ministry of Transport, including the projects of the National Authority for Tunnels, for 176 billion pounds, and railway development projects, at 27 billion pounds.
 El-Said referred to the quantitative targets of the railway signal development and electrification projects, represented in the completion of the implementation of 996 km from 21/2022 to 23/2024 at a total cost of EGP 34 billion.

El-Said shed light on the expansion projects in the Greater Cairo metro network, which aim to reduce pressure on roads, reduce congestion and facilitate traffic, explaining that the quantitative targets are the completion of 15 stations with a length of 17.7 km, with funds amounting to EGP 52.5 billion.

 Of these, EGP 11 billion for the third metro line, EGP 24.2 billion for the fourth line, and EGP 17.3 billion for the operating metro lines, stressing that the Greater Cairo metro ranks 35th in the world among the 114 longest metros in the world.El-Said talked about the high-speed train and electric traction projects, and it is targeted to complete 47 stations with a length of 168.1 km, at a total cost of 556 billion pounds. , 42 km to the 6th of October monorail.

About the irrigation sector, El-Said referred to the canal rehabilitation and lining project. The overall objectives of the project are to rehabilitate 20,000 km during the period from 20/2021 to 23/2024. 4,532 km were completed, including 1,500 km in a decent life initiative, and the target is to rehabilitate 5,759 km for EGP 24 billion during the year 22/2023.
 This is in addition to the project to benefit from Bahr al-Baqar water with funds of 5.7 billion pounds, and the completion of development projects in the south of the valley in Toshka with funds of 4 billion pounds.
The also includes a project for the protection and development of the Egyptian coasts with a length of 8 km, in addition to the works of the national infrastructure for the development of North Sinai, with credits of EGP 1.1 billion.