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06 May 2023

Egypt’s Planning Minister reviews her life milestones during the launching ceremony of “Banat al-Nil” book

H.E. Dr. Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, participated in the launch ceremony of the Arabic version of the book “Banat al-Nil” (Daughter of the Nile) at the headquarters of the National Council for Women (NCW), in the presence of Dr. Maya Morsi, Head of NCW, and writer Samia Iskandar, the author of “Banat al-Nil”, and many inspiring Egyptian women.

At the beginning of her speech, Dr. Hala El-Said expressed her happiness among this distinguished group of women, and that she was one of the women chosen to be among the "Daughters of the Nile" ladies, which is a unique and new experience documenting the professional achievements of about thirty-eight Egyptian women.

El-Said added that the book “Banat al-Nil” has two significant advantages. The first is that it changes stereotypes about Egyptian women, and the second is that it presents successful models and examples.

El-Said stressed the importance of highlighting successful role models in front of the world, which helps create generations capable of being leaders for the future.

During her speech, the Minister of Planning reviewed her successful journey in public work, since her inception in a family concerned with public work, as that journey passed through five stations, the first of which was in school and her permanent preservation of participation in public work in addition to studying as president of the Student Union, which was accompanied by excellence in the study and her obtaining the award for the best president of Student Union.

Then at the second station, as a student at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, and then a professor at the same faculty, indicating that her contribution at that stage was not only as a professor in the faculty, but also provided several consultations for several studies in government, including the first study to deepen the capital market, and the first study strategy for small and medium enterprises.

She then moved on to her third stage as an advisor to the Central Bank of Egypt's governor at the end of 2002. This is the stage that witnessed banking reforms, where she worked as a director of the Egyptian Banking Institute.

Concerning her fourth stage, El-Said assumed the position of Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University in 2011 as the first elected dean. This was during one of the most difficult periods in the nation's political life.

To reach the fifth station, which is her accession to the formation of the Egyptian government at a time when the Egyptian state witnessed a new experience of construction and development as Minister of Planning, Follow-up, and Administrative Reform in 2017, then Minister of Planning and Economic Development in 2019 until she won the award for Best Arab Minister in 2020.

El-Said explained that these stations resulted in a set of messages, the first of which is the importance of education, training, and perseverance for future girls and future generations, as it is the basis for success. The second message is that teamwork is the basis for success.

El-Said stressed the importance of motivating and encouraging the second class. The third message is the importance of support from those around us, family and friends until we reach success. She also noted that the fourth message is the importance of excellence and creating added value anywhere, whatever the challenges and difficulties.